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The girls have always something different in their minds they look for in guys. Though the first thing girls notice is a guy’s appearance, personality also is always a key factor to attract a girl.

  1. Confidence is the key… the guy who is self confident is generally a self esteemed one. This quality makes a boy more attractive for girls. Because while a girl is around a confident boy she feels happy and comfortable.
  2. Well groomed up… sloppy dressing, uncombed hair, dirty nails, smelly socks, stained shirts or jeans and the likes are an absolute no-no for girls. So you should be really very careful on your dressing sense.
  3. Sense of humor… Women have more than enough problems to deal with and don’t really need the company of another equally depressed one. Taking a dig at others and constantly putting others down do not really spell fun for women. So try to laugh and let laugh while you are with a girl.
  4. Be caring… Women need to be constantly reassured that they are loved and cared for. Acts like holding their hand while walking down the road, watching the sunset, an occasional hug and peck on the cheeks . Not displaying your affection openly is a sign that you are ashamed of who you are with.
  5. Be calm and cool… Woman are known to be harrowed and frenzied. Yes, they do tend to get hyper very easily and that is the precise reason why you need to be the calming factor in their lives. Your sex appeal lies as much in your looks as it does in your attitude – women dig guys with a cool and peaceful attitude, the one who is able to calm them down and reassure them that all is well.

The qualities that girls don’t like in guys are lack of self esteem, laziness, lack of humor, lack of confidence, lack of understanding, self centered attitude, insecure, no ambition etc.

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